wmasat guarantees your right

wmasat guarantees to buyers and service providers their rights through strict policies that ensure the safety and reliability of the buying and selling of services.

Your money is refundable

You can always refund the amount of the service if it is not fully implemented according to what the seller offers in the description of the service.

24 hour technical support

We are here to help you solve any problem you may encounter and answer any questions, with a technical support team that is available and cooperative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Certified identities

Includes wmasat to authenticate the identity of the account. To ensure safer and more serious transactions.

Service Requester (Buyer)

Read the service details carefully, and pay attention to the execution period

What is stated in the service title and description is exactly what you will get. So be sure to read it carefully, and pay attention to the execution period, as you will not be able to obtain it before the end of this period unless the seller delivers it in a shorter period. For more details, see Contact the seller before purchasing the service and make sure to clarify your request

If you find unclear details in the service or you have questions, you can contact the seller about them before starting the service, and make sure to explain your request accurately, provided that the agreement between you is complete and clear to avoid any misunderstanding later.

Check the service carefully before you receive it

If the seller sends you a receipt request, review the service well and make sure that it matches the description and your agreement with him. sent delivered handedAnd the profits are transferred to the seller's account, which means that you got the full service.

Request to modify the service

In the event of any errors or omissions in the work sent by the seller, communicate and explain to the seller the required modifications.

Get your money back if you don't get a response from the seller

If the seller does not respond to you within the order, you can contact us immediately

Adhere to the description of the requested service

Do not ask the seller for another service other than what is described.

Contact the seller via (wmasat)

Do not rely on any external means of communication such as e-mail, Facebook account or mobile, wmasat website will not be able to guarantee your rights in the event of communication outside the site.

pay via (wmasat) Just

Do not send any money outside wmasat, this will forfeit your right and unfortunately we will not be able to get your money back if you do so.

Stick to the agreement between you and the seller

You have the right to request any modifications as long as they are within your agreement with the seller, in return it is not possible to request other additions that are not mentioned in the service description or have not been agreed upon.

Service Provider (Seller)

Provide clear and professional service

Make your service clear and specific in terms of description and title and add an expressive image. The seller is responsible for any inconsistency in his service information or the mismatch of what he performs with this information.

Select a sufficient delivery period to carry out the service

Set an appropriate date for the delivery of the service, so that it is not delayed by the buyer, or else he will be able to cancel it after the completion of the implementation period.

Start executing the service after getting the purchase order

Do not start implementing or delivering the service until after the buyer purchases it and pays the full price, as his request appears in the incoming requests section.

Communicate with the buyer within Wamasat (wmasat)

Do not add or request means of communication outside wmasat, wmasat guarantees your rights in full if all communication is done through it.

Providing services that comply with the terms of use

Do not provide services in violation of the terms, and do not agree to implement them even if they are via private messages because they are monitored by the administration permanently.

The buyer can request the service without prior communication

It does not require the buyer to communicate before purchasing to implement the service. The buyer has the right to request the services displayed on the site directly without prior communication, so make sure that the details of the service you provide are clear.

Hand over the service after its complete implementation

You can request to receive the service after its complete termination and according to the agreed specifications. Requesting to receive without executing the service exposes the account to be suspended immediately.


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