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باستخدام الموقع أو فتح حساب أو بالنقر لقبول شروط الخدمة أو الموافقة عليها عندما يكون هذا الخيار متاحًا لك، فإنك تقبل وتوافق، نيابة عنك أو نيابة عن صاحب العمل أو أي كيان آخر، للالتزام بشروط الخدمة وشروط الدفع الخاصة بـ ومسات (wmasat).

You also acknowledge that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy, which is available here، If you do not wish to agree to these Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy, you must not access or use the Site.

This website is provided and made available to users who are at least 18 years of age and of legal age to form a binding contract. If you are under 18 and at least 13 years old, you are only permitted to use the Site through an account owned by a parent or legal guardian with their appropriate permission. If you are under 13 years of age, you are not permitted to use the Site or the Services (wmasat). By using the Site, you represent and warrant that you meet all of the foregoing eligibility requirements. If you do not meet all of these requirements, you should not access or use the Site.

Our customer support team is available 24/7 if you have any questions regarding the site or terms of service. Contacting our customer support team can be made by placing an order here .

The original language of these Terms of Service, as well as all other text throughout the Site, is Arabic.wmasatThis translation is provided for convenience only in the event of a conflict between the original Arabic version and any other translation.

Basic conditions


Service Receipt Guarantee: We commit to wemasat (wmasat) to protect your rights and guarantee the receipt of the service you purchased as long as the agreement with the seller occurred within the site and did not violate any of the terms of use or warranty.

Request for personal documents to prove identity: Sometimes we ask the user to verify their account with their personal identification. This is a routine procedure and we may require of all users of the site to maintain a safe working environment. For more clarifications on the reasons for requesting documents, please return to the Identity Documentation page.

Procedural fees: A procedural fee is deducted to cover the cost of electronic payment gateways used by the buyer when making payments.

Refund of the amount paid: After canceling the order and if you do not want to purchase any other services, you can refund the amount you paid to your PayPal account or credit card by opening a ticket in the Help CenterwmasatThe return process is subject to several conditions Of which:

  • Balances are available for return within a maximum of 160 days from the date of shipment if the shipping method provides an option for return.
  • Refunds are made through the refund process for the payment method that was used exclusively and cannot be returned to any other different account or card.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to confirm the method that you intend to use before making the payment, and then contact us through the Help Center if you wish to recover the balance.

Reasons for suspension of the account: WAMSAT maintains (wmasat) The right to suspend the buyer's account temporarily or permanently if it is used in illegal ways. Examples of these uses:

  • Using a payment method that is stolen or not owned by the user.
  • Offer to pay for the service to the seller outside the Wamasat website (wmasat).
  • Request the implementation of services in violation of the terms of use.

the seller

rights guarantee: Compliance with the terms of use of the site and the terms of the warranty page helps us to ensure your right to receive profits from the services you have performed. In the event of a dispute between you and the buyer, you can contact the support team to provide assistance, bearing in mind that the judgment will be binding on both parties.

Account identity verification: To ensure a reliable work environment for all users and prevent fraud, we may require the seller to verify his account by uploading a photo of his personal identification. This procedure is mandatory in the event of receiving an alert requesting it.

Prohibited services: كافة الخدمات في ومسات (wmasat) Allowed except for services that contain a form of fraud and deception and do not provide a real benefit to the buyer, or cause harm to the site and users. Attempting to provide services in violation of the Terms of Use may subject the seller's account to suspension or complete suspension. Among these services, for example, but not limited to:

  • Political and sectarian services, services in violation of public laws and state regulations, and the conditions of other sites related to them.
  • Spam, meaningless services and vague and misleading services to buyers.
  • Low quality services.
  • Services that infringe intellectual property rights.
  • الخدمات التي تضر بموقع ومسات (wmasat) or its users directly or indirectly.
  • Services that lead to dealing and payment outside the Wmasat website (wmasat).
  • Services are sold only once, because we do not guarantee that they will be usable for a long time.
  • Services completely copied from other sellers, due to the violation of rights and the violation of the terms of use of the site.
  • Money transfer services such as transferring an amount to a bank account or transfer via Western Union or similar, charging mobile balances or website balances, selling visa cards or charging cards and services related to charging digital currencies.
  • Services that take a long time to implement, more than a month, so that the Wmasat website cannotwmasat) Provide a guarantee for it, such as hosting, buying a domain for a year, and others.
  • Forex services, pyramid and network marketing and affiliate marketing services.
  • Illegal e-marketing services that offer to bring visitors, ratings, fans, views, fake followers, backlinks, or post tweets on hashtags on social media. As well as services that depend on spam or exchange sites and servers, such as: Add you 100 fans, 100 comments and others Note: The service will be deleted and requests related to it are canceled and the seller's account may be suspended in the event that a report is not submitted to the customer explaining the legitimate implementation method he used to complete the service with State the results.
  • Services and requests for preparing student research and graduation projects, solving or assisting in solving examination questions for all levels of study, and any services that may help the student obtain grades or undeserved results. Poetry writing services.
  • Hosting Booking Services, VPS, VPN-Proxy.
  • Services that require personal and sensitive information to be executed, such as the complete information of the credit card or bank account of the buyer. Providing this information to anyone who may expose you to the risk of your data being hacked, stolen, or used in ways that may harm you. If the seller asks you for this information, please contact us directly through the help center.

Service Violations:

we try in wamsat (wmasat) Accept clear and unambiguous services to prevent any misunderstanding or problems that may occur between the two parties. Therefore, the service may be temporarily refused and then a message is sent to the seller specifying the deficiencies so that he can amend them. Examples of these violations include:

  • The seller asks the buyer to purchase the service more than once in exchange for the work required. Instead, the seller can add improvements to the basic service if he wishes to provide additional things with an appropriate price for each development.
  • A service with a period that is not described, such as submitting an advertisement for a month, the execution period must be a month, and the button to submit the request is not pressed until 15 days have passed.
  • Services that contain exaggerated sentences or temporary or unclear offers in the title such as: best service, exclusive offer, for a limited time, gift.
  • Services in which the description has been repeated multiple times to fill in the blank.
  • The use of special characters, symbols and decorations, spaces in the title of the service, or exaggeration in the description.
  • Services that do not contain a business model, with the necessity of its presence, such as design services, so that the buyer can preview examples of the quality of work and the experience of the seller before purchasing.
  • Add a picture or video that is low quality or violates the terms and touches (wmasatAlso, the image of the service or its business models contain a frame or logo for companies or other entities such as government institutions.
  • The service contains means of communication or a request for it, even if it is in the instructions box.
  • Obligating the buyer to communicate with the seller of the service via private messages before purchasing it, as the feature of communication before purchasing is optional for the buyer.
  • The seller has asked the buyer to purchase the service more than once to get additional offers, while improvements can be used instead.

Wait 24 hours before service delivery:

To ensure your entitlement as a seller and because some users may use stolen PayPal accounts or bank cards for payment, we recommend that you do not initiate service before 24 hours have passed after the buyer's order, which is when we receive a notification from PayPal or the payment gateway of unauthorized use. In the event that the service is implemented and it turns out that the payment method is stolen, we will have to cancel it and deduct the amount from the seller’s account and then return it to its source.

Reasons for suspension of the account:

The account will be suspended temporarily or permanently if one of these uses is made:

  • Sending a request to receive the service or persuading the buyer to accept the receipt for the amount of the service before it is fully implemented.
  • The seller offered services he did not master, or implemented low-quality services and relied on automated programs to implement them. Such as selling copied content or relying on machine translation software and generating automated logos and designs, as this is considered fraud and infringement of the rights of third parties, and it also exposes the seller to low ratings.
  • Request to communicate or pay for services outside the Wmasat website (wmasat).
  • The seller’s agreement with a user to purchase his service for the purpose of evaluation only, in which case both accounts will be suspended due to misleading the buyers and the site.
  • Deleting or stopping a service and then reintroducing it in order to delete or hide the negative evaluation, as deleting the service does not lead to the deletion of its ratings.
  • Acting as an intermediary, whereby the seller receives orders from the buyer and executes them with another seller.
  • Cancel orders for no apparent reason, bearing in mind that the seller can temporarily stop the service from the service status settings if he does not want to receive new orders.
  • Accepting the implementation of services in violation of the terms of use.

Suspended account profit:

Sellers can withdraw their profits from their suspended accounts after a period of 15 days starting from the day of the last payment received by the seller in his account.wmasat) During which the support team checks the source of the profits, the methods of obtaining them and the services that have been delivered, provided that the seller authenticates the identity of his account if it is not previously documented.


Service price:

Services are provided on the Wmasat website.wmasat) at a price starting from $ 5 with the possibility of adding improvements to the service at a higher price, which are additional advantages over the original service provided by the seller for an additional price.

Intellectual property rights for works executed through Fiverr:

The buyer owns all property, intellectual and copyright rights for the services he received from the seller in Wamasat (wmasat) Unless otherwise clearly indicated in the service description or in the Agreement prior to commencement of implementation. The seller is not entitled to impose additional rights on the service after its implementation or delivery.

Temporary ban on participation in society:

The author is prohibited from participating in the community for a period of two days in the event that he adds content that violates the terms of use of Wamasat (wmasatRepeatedly adding violations will lead to permanent ban on participation.

Account suspended:

The account is temporarily suspended or permanently suspended in Wamasat (wmasat) when you violate the terms of use. The user receives an alert via the website or e-mail. Examples of illegal uses that subject an account to suspension or suspension include:

  • Attempting to harm the websitewmasat(or its users or any Wamasat website)wmasat) by any means.
  • Set a country other than the one in which the user resides or use proxy or VPN services to change their real location. To ensure that the user obtains all his rights and profits without any problems, he must choose his real country of residence in the personal page.
  • Using more than one person for the same account, or one person using more than one account on the site, or using the same payment and withdrawal method in more than one account. To ensure a safe working environment and prevent fraud, the account should only be used by its owner.
  • Publishing private information that is not available to the user himself in the form of text or images, such as messages within orders between the seller and the buyer, or messages for technical support tickets, as this is a violation of the privacy of the site and its users.
  • Using private messages before purchasing in a way that is not serious or annoying, knowing that messages are available to inquire about service details only for the purpose of purchasing it.
  • Selling the account in Wamasat (wmasat), in the event that the sale process is discovered, the account is immediately suspended and the balance in it is frozen so that no party can benefit from it.
  • Impersonation or registration of a young man in the name of a girl or vice versa, as well as uploading a personal picture that is not the owner of the account himself, using names or pictures of public figures, or using incorrect information when registering such as phone number, e-mail, website address, names with a harmful or offensive meaning
  • Development or use of software for the Wamasat platformwmasat) أو إدارة الحساب والتحكم به عبر برامج مؤتمتة Bots.
  • الإعلان عن الخدمات وأي محتوى آخر من محتويات الموقع عبر .Google Adwords
  • Use the site for political or sectarian purposes or to offend any country in any way.
  • Posting any content that violates the regulating laws. For example, but not limited to: deception, fraud, fraud, threat or inconvenience to any person, company or group, dissemination of pornographic and sexual materials, spreading viruses or spyware, adding links to sites containing such violations.

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